Vienna Airport – Schwechat Airport (VIA)

Vienna Airport is located 18 km southeast of the capital and is well connected to the city. It was named after the nearby town of Schwechat. The airport address is 1300 Schwechat, Austria (Wien-Flughafen, 1300 Schwechat, Austria). For the easiest way to navigate, it is best to use navigation and Vienna Airport is Austria.

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Airport history and description

This airport was used as a military in 1941 and was taken over by the British in 1945. Betriebsgesellschaft was founded in 1954 and the new airport replaced the Aspern Airport and became the main airport in Vienna, Austria. At that time, there was only one runway, which in 1959 was extended to a total length of 3,000 m. The following year, the construction of a new airport building began and in 1972 another runway was built.To meet the increasing needs of travelers, Vienna Airport had to expand, which was the result of the opening of the new Skylink terminal, Terminal 3.

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Vienna Airport – Terminals

Vienna Airport has four terminals and 20 gates. The terminals are arranged so that 1, 2, 3 are adjacent to each other, while Terminal 1A is located across the chek in 1 and is used exclusively by low cost companies. Terminal 3 is the latest terminal known as Skylink and is used by many airlines.

Vienna Airport – flights and airlines

A large number of airlines have their regular flights to and from Schwechat Airport in Vienna. As passenger traffic grows more than 28 million people each year, flights at this airport have a high frequency and currently over 60 airlines use this airport for their traffic.

Vienna Airport Austria – content

Schwechat Airport has all the facilities and provides a comfortable stay. From free shops, through a large number of branded shops and pharmacies, to restaurants, cafes, banks and exchange offices in the Terminal 2 area for plane arrivals and departures. Also, there are two passenger information desks at the airport, which are available 24 hours for all questions and information needed to navigate the airport.

Interestingly, the new Schwechat Airport tower is 109 meters high. During the night it is illuminated with a colorful laser, which makes for a very nice picture for all the planes and passengers landing at Vienna Airport in the evening.

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Duty Free Shop

Very useful for your travels, gifts for your loved ones at home or simply if you want to fulfill your desire, duty free shops at the Schwechat Airport offer you a large selection of brands and very famous brands. Product prices are paid in euros, and you can use a credit or debit card to pay in addition to cash. You can find a wealth of products including perfumes, cosmetics, makeup, cigarettes, toys, accessories, sweets and spirits at the free shop at Vienna Airport. You can only enter them on an airplane if they are packaged in accordance with the regulations and in the original bag of the store they are from.

Restaurants at the airport

Schwechat Airport offers something for everyone when it comes to food. A large selection of meals for vegetarians and vegans as well as separate smoking rooms make this airport a very comfortable place to stay while waiting for a flight. The airport has a great many restaurants and cafes for every taste.

Transfer from and to the airport in Vienna

City Airport Train (CAT) CAT is an express train that will take you from the airport to the center of Vienna in just 16 minutes, at a cost of 12 euros one way. Every day from 06: 06h to 23: 36h the train runs. In the opposite direction, from City Air Terminal to Wien Mitte Station, the first departure is at 05: 36h in the morning and the last at 23: 36h in the evening.

S-Bahn Rail You can also take the S-ban from the airport to the center of Vienna, Wien Mitte station. If you decide to go underground, your ride will be a little longer and you will be driving for 24 minutes. The ticket price is cheaper than the CAT express train and costs 4, 40 euros in one direction. The earliest departure from the airport is at 04: 53h and the last one is at 00: 17h. With departures every half hour, you don’t have to rush too much and worry about staying at the station for too long. From the opposite direction, from the city, the train runs from 04: 30h in the morning to 23: 45h in the evening. Also, departures are every half an hour.

Taxi to Airport This special taxi transports passengers between the center of Vienna and the airport. Reservations and payments can be made online and rides are very convenient. Specifically, on the website , passengers choose a transfer of their choice, choose a destination, type of vehicle and enter the number of passengers. Reservations can be made up to 12 hours before departure. The price starts from 22 euros per direction and this price includes transportation for up to three people.

International Buses When it comes to Vienna, international buses operate passengers from airports to other destinations in Europe.

Schwechat Airport – Contact and Information

All information about the airport is available on their official website – as well as through their call center on +43 1 7007 0.